Governance Overview

Governance Overview

Genmab works diligently to improve its guidelines and policies for corporate governance taking into account the recent trends in international and domestic requirements and recommendations. Our non-financial reporting can be found in this page, including our CSR, new ESG Data Sheet Incorporating a SASB Table, Corporate Governance and Compensation reports.

Our activities are anchored in our core purpose which summarizes what we strive for - our unstoppable team will improve the lived of patients through innovative and differentiated antibody therapeutics, thus creating value over the long term not only for our employees and shareholders, but also for patients who may benefit from Genmab’s innovation.

The Board of Directors and Executive Management at Genmab are committed to Genmab’s business-driven CSR strategy as well as our efforts to build a sustainable organization that meets environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria of relevance to our business operations. As the reporting of sustainability metrics continues to evolve over the years, Genmab has and will continue to adapt and improve our metrics and disclosures. Starting in 2020, Genmab has identified an initial set of performance indicators that will enable us to better manage and measure our impact going forward. We have adopted the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) framework and will follow its guidelines to disclose critical measurements on the environment, society and governance of relevance to our business operations.

  • Sound Corporate Governance

    Our corporate governance is at the center of everything we do.

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  • Corporate Social Responsibility

    We are committed to being a sustainable and socially responsible biotech company.

    Learn about our CSR

  • Board of Directors

    Our Board of Directors has a deep understanding of life sciences and corporate governance.

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  • Code of Conduct 

    The Board of Directors has adopted a Code of Conduct.

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  • Board Committees

    To support the Board of Directors in its duties, four Board committees have been established.

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  • Compensation

    Access Genmab’s Remuneration Policy, Compensation Report and understand Genmab’s warrants and restricted stock units programs.

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