ADR Program

ADR Program

Genmab’s American Depositary Receipt (ADR) Program

Genmab established a sponsored Level 1 ADR program with Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas in May 2013.  An ADR is a share certificate representing ownership of shares in a non-US corporation.  ADRs are quoted and traded in US dollars on the over-the-counter (OTC) market in the US. Ten Genmab ADRs correspond to one Genmab ordinary share.

Click here to access Genmab's ADR details on Deutsche Bank's website.

ADR ticker symbol: GMXAY
Structure: Level I ADR
Exchange: OTC
Ratio: 10 ADRs : 1 ordinary share
DR ISIN : US3723032062
CUSIP: 372303 206

Contact details for ADR investors and brokers:
Deutsche Bank ADR broker services desks
New York: +1 212 250 9100
London: +44 207 547 6500

Contact details for registered ADR Holders:
Deutsche Bank Shareholder Services
American Stock Transfer & Trust Company
Peck Slip Station
P.O. Box 2050
New York, NY 10272-2050


Toll-free: +1 866 706 0509
Toll: +1 718 921 8137

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What is an ADR?

An ADR is a negotiable certificate which a bank issues to a US investor, representing a share of a company traded on a non-US stock exchange. For more information on ADRs, visit this link.

What is the OTC market?

The OTC market is a decentralized market of securities that are not listed on a stock exchange.  Trading on the OTC market occurs via a network of dealers who carry inventories of securities to facilitate the buy and sell orders of investors.

How do I convert my ordinary shares into ADRs?

Converting ordinary shares into ADRs must be done through a broker investment advisor or for registered holders through Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas. You can contact Deutsche Bank broker services desk on +1 212 250 9100 or +44 207 547 6500.

How may I check how many ADRs I hold?

If you do not hold via a broker, bank or nominee, please contact Deutsche Bank at the contact details listed above.

How do I obtain historical share prices of Genmab's ADRs, for the purpose of completing my tax return?

Historical share prices for Genmab’s ADRs can be found on the Deutsche Bank website (

Does Genmab pay dividends to ADR holders?

Genmab does not currently pay dividends to holders of ordinary Genmab shares or ADR shares.