ADR Program

ADR Program

Genmab’s American Depositary Receipt (ADR) Program

Genmab established a sponsored Level 3 ADR program with Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas.  An ADS represents ownership of shares in a non-US corporation.  ADSs issued under Genmab's ADR Program are quoted and traded in US dollars on the Nasdaq Global Select Market in the United States. Ten Genmab ADSs correspond to one Genmab ordinary share. 

Click here to access Genmab's ADS details on Deutsche Bank's website.

ADR ticker symbol: GMAB
Structure: Level 3 ADS
Exchange: Nasdaq Global Select Market
Ratio: 10 ADRs : 1 ordinary share
DR ISIN : US3723032062
CUSIP: 372303 206

Contact details for ADS investors and brokers:
Deutsche Bank ADS broker services desks
New York: +1 212 250 9100
London: +44 207 547 6500

Contact details for registered ADS Holders:
Deutsche Bank Shareholder Services
Operations Center
6201 15th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11219


Toll-free: +1 866 706 0509
Toll: +1 718 921 8137

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