Our commitment to corporate governance is based on ethics and integrity.

Code of Conduct & Speak Up Policy

Code of Conduct & Speak Up Policy

In order to promote ethical and compliant conduct in all aspects of Genmab business, Genmab has adopted a new Code of Conduct.

This updated code is applicable to Genmab’s Directors, Executive Management, employees and contingent workers globally. Aptly titled Code of Conduct- Living Our Values, the new code seeks to engage and inspire our people to consider how their everyday activities should be conducted in a manner reflecting our core values of innovation, determination, integrity, and teamwork.  The code reflects the standards of conduct we expect from our own people as well as our partners, vendors, suppliers and other third parties with whom we engage. 

In short, our Genmab code sets forth the expectations we have for our people across the globe and defines clear standards of conduct to which each of us must adhere every day. Violation or suspected violation of the code shall promptly be reported by employees and directors, and any violation of the code is subject to disciplinary measures determined in Genmab’s sole discretion.

Speak Up Policy & Hotline

Enabling employees and external stakeholders to speak up when they observe potential misconduct or have concerns about matters relating to our business is vital to retaining our strong Genmab culture and to doing the right thing.

The Genmab Speak Up Policy allows for confidential and (where allowed) anonymous reports that will be directed to Genmab Compliance for initial triage and handling. This approach renders the reporting process more accessible and easier to navigate. 
Importantly, our new policy also extends protections not only to our regular employees, but also contingent staff, part-timers, temp staff, trainees, interns (both current and former) and others who choose to report their concerns. 

Speak Up Compliance Hotline
•   24/7 – Online or by Phone
•   Denmark: 80-83-01-69
•   Netherlands: 0800-020-1556
•   United States: 1-844-942-3289
•   Japan: 0800-123-0136

Code of Conduct Download
Speak Up Policy Download

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